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45+ Best Gothic Fonts 2021

There’s something unusually attractive about a gothic font design. It can make any typographical layout look magnificent and majestic, and it’s probably why gothic fonts are widely used in branding and logo design. If you’ve been looking for a unique gothic font for a new project, you’re in luck. We’ve handpicked the best gothic fonts for …

20+ Best Business & Project Proposal Templates for Microsoft Word 2021

Microsoft Word is the perfect tool for quickly putting together a professional brochure or a proposal in a very short amount of time. What makes it even better is the ability to use templates. With Word templates, you can instantly produce a high-quality brochure design without having to spend hours perfecting it. They simply help cut …

25+ Best Photoshop Cartoon Effects (Photo to Cartoon Actions & Plugins)

Photoshop offers many amazing tools for creating visual effects. For example, Photoshop actions let you transform your photos into paintings or cartoon drawings with just a single mouse click. While these effects are fun to play with, they are also quite useful in creating attractive graphics for various designs like posters and flyers. That’s why it’s …

Cancellation Emails: Examples and Best Practices

This post is originally published on Designmodo: Cancellation Emails: Examples and Best Practices People come and go. Even the most loyal fans of your brand may cancel their subscription. What matters is how to manage this situation: It starts with a transactional interaction, the cancellation email. Much like win-back emails, cancellation newsletters play … For more … is Available for Purchase. Learn more by clicking the button here:

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