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I created this Blog to publish my conjectures about life, politics, religion, & such." While I believe what I post in this Blog is correct, my postings are:
"My Conjectures"

F-16 Super Drone Coming Soon?
The Air Force has recently modified an F-16 supersonic fighter jet so it can take off, carry out a mission, and land without a pilot.  More
Why Prayer is not OK at Government Functions.
     The supreme court will rule on the use of prayer to open the Greece, NY town council meetings. The Constitution does not directly address the issue of prayer at government functions or in places like public schools. More
Why Guns are a Problem in the USA
There are some little talked about reasons why guns in the USA result in more gun related deaths and crime. Maybe we need to look at Iceland for a solution. More
Is the Pope promoting Marxism?
Rush Limbaugh suggested that the Pope is preaching "pure Marxism." This is a result of recent remarks by Pope Francis about "a new tyranny" of unfettered capitalism. More