35+ Best App Landing Page Templates 2018

Whether your app landing page is encouraging people to sign up, register, join, or subscribe, it’s a key thing to get right. A carefully designed mobile app landing page can make-or-break your conversion rates, and it’s worth taking the time to get right!

Landing pages can hold a huge amount of value, and if you’re looking to create a specific layout, we have just the collection to help you. We’ve tracked down over thirty five of the best looking app landing page templates for your next project. Click here now. Every one of these templates is easy to work with, and customise for your own mobile app.

VSApp App Landing Page Template

VSApp is a landing page template that’s been designed specifically for mobile apps check this link right here now. The template includes several brilliantly-designed areas throughout the website layout for showcasing the different features of your app and screenshots with more details.

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